no zit, sherlock.

zits: we all suffer from them. no need to give them any more attention {picking, squeezing, scratching, crying, screaming} than they deserve. we just need a solution.

photo courtesy of sephora.

i’ve been using the kate somerville 24 hour pimple punisher {another joy from that hefty gift bag back in march} for the last month, whenever the opportunity arises {call me the queen of puns today}. what’s really neat about the pimple punisher is that it has two formulations: one for day and one for night. the a.m. formulation is gel and p.m. is clay. ingenious if you ask me.

i’ve been punishing the small crop of blemishes that has appeared on my hairline {new workout regimen + new hairspray = angry skin} and on those unpredictable hormonal zits. let’s just say it has prevented a few “things” from disaster. i particularly enjoy the clay formulation – as does my husband when i crawl into bed with sexy white patches on my face – as it targets those nasty red spots while i sleep. {note: the daytime gel disappears nicely under makeup}

if we can’t prevent zits, let’s make them regret ever popping up.


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