everyone wants to julep.

you julep. i julep. we all want julep. and can you blame us?

i have an affinity for nail lacquer – this we know. so naturally i get doubly excited about new{ish} nail brands. i met julep at the cosmetic executive women product demonstration in march in nyc. before that, i’d heard whispers about it, but nothing that lured me in. oh, how times have changed.

i love julep. i’d consider myself a die hard fan. but, why?

1. their packaging is different {bottles unlike anything you’ve seen before}
2. their polishes are named for women {like j.crew… smart people}
3. their colors range from the sophisticated to the trendy {you can be demure one day and a vixen the next}
4. their membership program is worth raving about {$19.99 a month for a box of goodies you’ll actually want – and use!}
5. their lacquers are 4-free {none of that bad gunk including the stuff used by morticians}
6. they’re legit {a tried-and-true, uber successful chain of salons in the pacific northwest}
7. their website is much more than just a place to visit – it’s an experience {with resources up the wazoo}
8. they’re now available at most sephoras!!!

so, the long and short of it is this. if you aren’t already on the julep bandwagon: hop on. you’ll want to be a part of this.


p.s. join the julep maven membership program already, will you?!

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