jewelry obsessed.

“you’re just going through a phase.” remember that? it was the way our parents justified our bad behavior. sadly, i never outgrew phases. they just happen to be a little different nowadays. my phases are centered around a certain product, style, room, trend, inspiration, etcetera. {to be clear, my phases should still be classified as bad behavior}

starting in march, i became infatuated with all things jewelry. you can say i’m a tad obsessed. a necklace here. a couple of bracelets there. and some black quartz studs for good measure. i’ve been building my collection bit by bit and want to share with you my most recent additions.

photo courtesy of gilt groupe.

cara couture turquoise seed bead twisted strand necklace {sadly it’s no longer available as i purchased it on gilt groupe}. obviously turquoise is the color for summer {and coral}. so why not embrace it with a go-to piece that’s easily paired with your everything in your wardrobe? precisely why i purchased it. today, i’m sporting it with a hot pink and nude silk tee and white jeans. it’s a invigorating pop of color.

photo courtesy of frisk jewelry.

frisk jewelry jade elephant tangled bracelet. just try to “browse” and not want to buy one of everything. the coolest thing¬†about the brand? your piece is a yours and yours alone {all one-of-a-kinds}. the second coolest thing? they’re based in boulder, colorado {and the owners are some of the most fabulous people i’ve met}. each and every necklace,¬†ring, bracelet, whatever, will gift you the type of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” you thought were reserved only for babies and puppies.

photo courtesy of goldyn.

maya brenner grace bracelet. for as long as i can remember, i’ve wanted a maya brenner piece. they’re just so feminine. well, my dreams came true the other night {at the goldyn cause-shop event in denver}. i scored the grace bracelet in mother of pearl and a-d-o-r-e it. so much that i can’t take it off {except for when i sleep and bathe – and during those times it gets tucked nicely back into its box}. it’s the perfect bracelet for layering or just wearing all by itself.

what’s your favorite piece of jewelry?



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